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Required Systems Limited
Important Updates for NEW CQC 2014 Regulations. . Our New Cloud based Document Management System is the way forward and assisting Care Providers to work towards a paperless system. See our demo videos on our web site.
Peter founded Required Systems Limited 20 years ago to produce a set of easy to use Quality Management Systems for the Care Sector to demonstrate compliance. Required Systems has worked closely with The National Care Association to ensure the systems are relevant to the sectors of care they cover. Required Systems has been commissioned by a number of banks to assist care operators to improve margins and their operating systems. You can choose from systems for CQC 2014 Regulations for Care the Elderly, Domiciliary Care, Adults 18-65, Assisted Living, Infection Control, Provider Compliance Assessment and Excel based audit tools. Our systems are also available for Scottish and Welsh Legislation.
Contact: Peter Hawkins
Unit 102a Glen Douglas Drive
G68 0DW
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