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Carers worried over increase in infection rate
Carers worried over increase in infection rate
A LAG between Covid-19 infection rates and reported deaths from the virus is worrying care providers as they prepare for winter and a possible second spike in cases. 
They are warning that the county must avoid complacency and be extra vigilant to avoid coronavirus claiming more lives. 
Whilst latest figures for the number of deaths in care and nursing home showed a fall, care providers warned that the overall infection rate was rising. 
Mike Padgham, chair of The Independent Care Group, said: 'Of course a fall in the death rate is very welcome but we are more concerned about the sudden sharp rise in infection rates, particularly amongst young people. 
'Given that there is always a lag between infection rates and death rates from coronavirus, we have to be afraid that we will see a new spike in cases. 
'We have to remain vigilant, not rest on our laurels and in fact be even more cautions as we head towards winter. 
'The colder season always puts extra strain on everyone in the caring professions and we do not want to see a resurgence in coronavirus cases on top of that. That could be devastating. 
'The dangers in care and nursing homes have not gone away and our need for support is as great as ever.' 
Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that deaths from Covid-19 in care and nursing homes in England and Wales was 23 for the week ending August 28, down from 43 the previous week.

Thermal and face recognition display for care homes
Thermal and face recognition display for care homes
IN these extraordinary times ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors is more important than ever. With signs of Covid-19 difficult to detect by reception and security teams, all office ltd has a simple to deploy solution.  
Our self-service kiosks can check people into your facility each day using facial recognition technology and at the same time temperature scan them for signs of fever.  
The units can record 30,000 faces and take less than two seconds to recognise a face and perform a temperature scan.  
They can then interface with other security systems to permit access to a turnstile or door access system. 
However, if the user fails the temperature scan or other security measure the unit can sound an alarm to alert building staff to the situation.

Residents enjoy get together at pub themed event
Residents enjoy get together at pub themed event
RESIDENTS at HC-One's Ash Grange care home in Walsall enjoyed an early evening get together in their communal lounge which had been transformed into a pub.  
Residents enjoyed having their tea at the 'pub' along with a variety of snacks and a selection of drinks.  
They then all played bingo and dominoes and sang along to the background music that was being played. 
Home manager Anita Horton said: 'It was lovely seeing our residents all happy and enjoying a drink at our own pub themed event.'

Care workers are undervalued and underpaid, research finds
Care workers are undervalued and underpaid, research finds
THE majority of adults in England overwhelmingly believe care workers are undervalued (81 per cent) and should be paid better (80 per cent), according to new research. 
The online poll carried out by the National Care Forum also finds that three quarters (74 per cent) believe care home staff do a brilliant job. 
There are almost 1.5 million care workers in England, contributing to one of the largest workforces, and caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society. 
The research findings were released to mark Professional Care Workers Week 
Vic Rayner, executive director at National Care Forum (pictured), said: 'Care workers have been the stalwarts of the Covid-19 front line.  
'24 hours a day, seven days a week our professional care home staff have continued to provide care under the most challenging of circumstance. They have done this with compassion, providing a lifeline for the most vulnerable across all our communities.  
'It feels very timely to have a week dedicated to recognising the efforts of care workers and acknowledging the extraordinary work they do.  
'Together we have clapped for our NHS, and our carers have been included in that outpouring of public gratitude. It's great to see society recognise them for their invaluable contribution - it's time that Government does too, and that they are rewarded adequately.' 
. National Care Forum's 'Here to Care' campaign shines a light on the incredible work being done in care settings, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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