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Nutrition and Hydration Guide launched to support care home caterers
Nutrition and Hydration Guide launched to support care home caterers
To mark Nutrition and Hydration Week, Bidfood has launched a new guide that aims to help care homes find novel and creative ways to achieve healthy hydration amongst residents. 
Free to download from here, Bidfood has designed the guide to support those caring for the 40,000+ elderly and disabled people currently in residential care and nursing homes across the UK. With an extra 71,000 care home spaces needed in the next eight years1, it's more important than ever that caterers have the tools and resources to ensure the specialist needs of the elderly are met with not only nourishing, but inspiring solutions. 
Bidfood's Nutrition and Hydration guide includes everything from recipes and educational quizzes, to guidance on fluid intake. For example, by giving residents their own jug of water and access to squash sticks, they can independently prepare their own soft drinks and maintain their individual drinking routines.  
Vicky Mogford, Marketing Manager, Customer Marketing at Bidfood, said: 'Malnutrition is a key issue amongst the elderly and it's imperative that healthy hydration levels are maintained throughout the day. This can be from both hot and cold drinks as well as food with high water content, such as vegetables. The right food and drink can enhance a resident's experience as well as play a part in their care and wellbeing - irrespective of their length of stay. 
'It's of course of vital importance that strict nutritional standards are met, however we also believe that sharing a drink or meal together should be enjoyed. Sadly, many of the elderly can experience a loss in appetite and concentration levels - meaning it's even more important that food and drink options are as appealing as possible.  
'Eating and drinking can be a wonderful social experience, and can bring a lot of pleasure through taste, presentation and flavour. Our guide is about marrying the two up - bringing together the nutritional needs of the elderly along with creativity to inspire care home catering teams to bring innovative dishes to residents.' 
Bidfood's guide also includes advice on tableware and how to ensure residents can hydrate safely. An example of this would be providing biodegradable straws so residents can minimise the difficulty of controlling the angle that a cup is tipped at, avoiding too much liquid being dispensed. Alternatively, offering drinking cups with handles which are easy to grip, can help to reduce spillages amongst residents who have tremors. 
The Bidfood Nutrition and Hydration guide will launch this month (March 2018) with a roadshow taking place during Nutrition and Hydration Week. The roadshow will see Bidfood team up with suppliers to host nutrition experiences at care homes across the country including a cupcake decorating workshop with Dr Oetker to get residents involved in food preparation and a 'golden oldie' cinema with popcorn and ice cream. 
For more information or to download the guide please visit our care home page

Managing Fire Safety in Care Homes Seminar
Managing Fire Safety in Care Homes Seminar
Following the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower Sir David Behan Care Quality Commission Chief Executive urged members to review its fire safety processes to ensure consistency with legal responsibilities under both the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 ('The Order') 
This FPA seminar is intended to address fire safety management guidance for premises with staff providing 24-hour care for residents; Business owners, caretakers and facilities managers alike are just some of the job roles who will benefit from attending this unique event. 
'The Fire Protection Association (FPA) is the UK's leading fire safety organisation, our aim is to identify and prevent the dangers of fire and minimise the risk for potential loss.' 
The morning sessions commence with a case study of a fatal fire that occurred at Gibson Court in 2011, given by Nigel Gray, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service; legal requirements will be discussed by the FPA's Howard Passey, followed by Ged Devereux, Public Health Practitioner at the NFCC, outlining the person-centred approach to managing fire safety. The afternoon will kick off with Undertaking Your Fire Risk Assessment, the importance of staff training, and advice on creating your evacuation strategy. In conclusion the seminar will provide the opportunity for delegates to ask their own questions to our expert speakers. 
Join us at 99 City Road Conference Centre, London for this educational and thought-provoking event offering significant learning outcomes delegates can implement in the workplace. 
Further information and booking can be found on our website.

Quartz partner with leading Nurse Call provider to deliver new build hospital
Quartz partner with leading Nurse Call provider to deliver new build hospital
QUARTZ Electrical and Mechanical Services Limited provide electrical and mechanical services to industrial, commercial and residential customers throughout the UK, which frequently involves the design and build of large scale hospital projects for the public and private sector.  
In 2016 the company was commissioned by Tolent Construction Limited to facilitate the design and build of a new hospital in Teesside, which joins their client's network of 36 private hospitals across the UK.  
The brief for Tees Valley Hospital included a 19-bed patient ward, three medical theatre's, x-ray and endoscopy departments, and two stage recovery areas, with medical gas services where required. 
The project required Quartz to design, install and test all of the mechanical and electrical services within the hospital to ensure they comply with Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM) guidelines, as well as the client's specific requirements. This included the supply and installation of a Nurse Call system, for which Quartz released a tender.  
Nurse Call 
Gavin Kendall, Electrical Operations Director for Quartz, said: 'After receiving quotations from a number of leading Nurse Call providers we decided to move forward with Aid Call. The wireless offer and the adaptability of the system were, in my opinion, the best solution for the project.' 
Aid Call's Touchsafe Pro system does not rely on cables or stationary wiring points, making it infinitely expandable and allowing for complete flexibility and mobility. The wireless configuration allows the system to adapt to the ever changing priorities and demands of the healthcare sector, which is reassuring at a time of increased pressure on resources and environments. 
Gavin commented: 'After sending our enquiry to Aid Call, Quartz liaised with their Senior Business Development Manager, Stuart Barclay, to discuss the requirements of the system and its operation. From this initial stage, we felt comfortable that the proposal put forward by their team was the best solution for the project. 
'We received good support from Aid Call during the design process, and this enabled us to produce complete comprehensive layout drawings and literature to present to our client. The offer of the Nurse Call system was then agreed and approved by the client.' 
Aid Call and Quartz Mechanical and Electrical Services Limited began working in partnership on the installation of the Nurse Call system at Tees Valley Hospital in July 2017. 
Gavin explained: 'Aid Call was quick to assist with all our requests throughout the installation process at the Teesside site. We carried out first and second fix, testing and commissioning works together, all of which were completed within the required timescales to allow us to meet the project completion date.' 
Gavin added: 'Aid Call also assisted later in the project, as the client required additional items to be added to the Nurse Call system. The adaptability of the wireless system provided by Aid Call really proved its value at this point.'  
Additional panels, call points and assistive devices can be added to Aid Call's Touchsafe Pro system at any time during installation, and once the system is operational. The Nurse Call provider offers an extensive range of assistive technology such as fall detectors which facilitate individual patient requirements. 
Senior Business Development Manager for Aid Call, Stuart Barclay, said: 'Working with a design team and contractor is great for us, as we can plan from the drawing stage. However once the system becomes operational, sometimes clients like to add an additional panel or audio visual lights. 
'After the installation at Tees Valley Hospital, the client requested an emergency paging system for all the wards to attend emergency calls, as well as a remote call point which could be attached to a mobile MRI unit which visits the hospital on a weekly basis. 
'Installing our Touchsafe Pro system at Tees Valley Hospital was a brilliant project that allowed Aid Call to work in partnership with Quartz to deliver a quality building.' 
Tees Valley Hospital was completed in December 2017, and opened to its first patients in February 2018.

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