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Cura Systems
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Cura is at the forefront of technology innovation and transforms care giving. We support care homes of all types and sizes, be they a family run, single care home, a larger care provider or residential care; but in particular, those providing complex care needs. However complex and demanding your care requirements, Cura can support you.

We help care homes with the most demanding needs to deliver better quality outcomes by automating more daily tasks for management and caregivers than any other care home software.

Using Cura, you will see a significant improvement in communication, administration costs and care outcomes by going digital throughout your care delivery. Your staff morale will improve as your care team will feel more supported and reassured and your residents will feel more involved with their own care.
10 Reasons to have Cura in your care home
1. Care planning, monitoring and auditing
2. Integration with IoRNS
3. Staff HR with time & attendance 4. Billing with debtor control 5. Flexible, configurable solution for complex care environments 6. Compliance and audit tools 7. Policies and quality assurance 8. User Definable Dashboards 9. Voice recognition, body maps, food chart and fluid balance 10. Painless implementation and proactive customer support

We work closely with care-home owners and managers to deliver a full digital system at a low cost. Cura saves caregiver time and makes more time available for care. We believe Cura does this better than any other care home software.
Going digital is no longer an option - it is a necessity and the only way to shape the future of care!

Twitter: @CuraSys
LinkedIn: /company/curasystems
Contact: Karen Rondolo
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